My approach is solution oriented, pragmatic and in step with actual practice. Our cooperation is orientated towards your needs and I am following a structured approach. The first step is always clarifying the mandate, which is followed by your individual offer.

Interventions are chosen together with you according to the needs of the person, the group or organization I am working with. The goal is always the focus point.



As OD Practitioner (Organisation Development Practitioner) I have a humanistic attitude/approach. People are standing in the spotlight – they are the starting point of all kind of change.

I support my clients to improve effectiveness and health of their organization. That includes both – business processes and people processes within the context of the organization.

In practice it means that a clear picture of the situation and the goal is needed first. Based on our joint understanding we will develop together interventions that lead towards the achievement of your goals. I accompany you in the planning, preparation and implementation phase.


Through confidential conversations we can develop your next steps. This can involve specific actions or to help you become more aware of your true aspirations and dreams.

Self reflection supports you in looking at and understanding your self. This can be a first move to creating more consciousness about the effect you have on others and your communication, and especially how you can adapt it to respond to difficult situations.

My resource oriented attitude allows and facilitates the encouragement of individual development, raises energy and provides vitality and agility. The individual goal always is the focus point.

One special method I offer is horse assisted coaching. If you want to learn more about this, please contact me.